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The Luminaria Project, is Woodbridge Together's next big project. We are asking for everyone in our community, everyone in woodbridge, to help us with this mission. On March 13 2020, the pandemic changed everything in our town. This is the day school's closed, businesses closed, the day woodbridge stopped. Now Iet's to commemorate the one-year anniversary of Saturday, March 13th when the pandemic began to affect life in our community and turn this date into something positive and hopeful in our community.

Woodbridge Together will sell luminarias and have all of the profits go to ta COVID relief fund. Residents could display their luminaria at their homes to show support. People could personalize the luminaria by writing the names of those who are sick or have been lost or people could write words like “Woodbridge Together” on the bags. The luminaria could be displayed as well as at people’s homes to create that sense of community and support for one another.

Volunteers Packing Food