The Luminaria Project, is Woodbridge Together's next big project. We are asking for everyone in our community, everyone in woodbridge, to help us with this mission. On March 13 2020, the pandemic changed everything in our town. This is the day school's closed, businesses closed, the day woodbridge stopped. Now Iet's to commemorate the two-year anniversary on Sunday, March 13th when the pandemic began to affect life in our community and turn this date into something positive and hopeful in our community.

Woodbridge Together will sell luminarias and have the profits go to Woodbridge Together's Woodbridge Fund. This fund will donate to Woodbridge organizations and projects. Residents could display their luminaria at their homes to show support. People could personalize the luminaria by writing the names of those who are sick or have been lost or people could write words like “Woodbridge Together” on the bags. The luminaria could be displayed as well as at people’s homes to create that sense of community and support for one another. 





Getting your Luminaria is quick and easy! You will have the option to purchase two different types of Luminaria Kits. The Woodbridge Together kit will consist of 18 paper bags, 18 battery-operated tea lights, and Instructions. The Together kit consists of 8 paper bags, 8 battery-operated tea lights and Instructions. It is very easy to get your luminaria kits, in fact we'll even drop it off for you if you'd like.


Each kit comes with paper bags, battery-operated tea lights, and a QR code with instructions. This QR code will give you the opportunity to do several things, first it will show you videos (that will soon be posted on this website) that explains your kit and the event further, it will also allow you to donate more money to the Covid-19 Relief Fund, then it will show a list of businesses that have helped Woodbridge Together by donating Luminaria Kits, and lastly it will show you a link to our live event on March 13th.

The Woodbridge Together kit has 18 lights and 18 bags, but why 18? 18 is the same number of letters in the phrase : Woodbridge Together. This is important to our initiative because Together we are stronger, happier, and better. The Together kit has 8 lights and 8 bags, but again why 8? 8 is the same number of letters as there are in together. We are all going through different things, and Covid-19 has affected all of us differently, but together we can get through this. We are not alone, and the Luminaria Project is meant to show that!