The Growing Woodbridge Project will be on Saturday May 22nd at the town green, this project invites Woodbridge residents to come the green during a certain time (to minimize people on the green) and decorate flower pots and plant flowers. 

When you get to the green you will have the option to purchase a flower pot kit. There are two types of flower pot kits, the first one consists of soil, seeds, and a flower pot with the diameter of the top being 6 inches. The other kit consists of  soil, seeds, and a flower pot with the top diameter being 8.25 inches. You will be able pay there with cash only at the event, and all of the profits will be going to purchasing food for the food pantry. 

Each kit comes with seeds of your choosing, you will be able to plant either Marigolds, Sweet Asylums, Asters, or Snap Dragons.  

When you or your group comes during your designated time you will be provided with paint pens to decorate your flower pot or pots. Each block of time is 45 minutes. After each group uses an area, our team will clean the station to ensure cleanliness.  

Purple Flowers