Woodbridge Together Interact Club, a subset of the Rotary Club of Woodbridge, is a service organization that focuses on community growth and wellness. Anyone ages 12-18 living in Woodbridge is welcome to join our student-run initiative. Led by a group of juniors and seniors at Amity, all projects are created and directly facilitated by us. Woodbridge Together was created because we believe that the community in Woodbridge can be stronger. Our goal is to have the residents of Woodbridge invested in each other and invested in our town. There are few places to congregate in our town, and now with the current pandemic, we are all more distanced than we have ever been. This takes tolls on all of us, but together we can pull through. Woodbridge Together will work with business, organizations, and the people in our town to further and strengthen our bond and community outreach. Each project will focus on the residents engaging in these community activities.

Soup Kitchen


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Founder & President

Christina Burland, or Tina for short, is a junior at Amity Regional High School. She plays soccer, loves to run, and is vice president of the JSA chapter at her school. Tina is also a member of her school's student government, as well as, the teen teaching club. Tina can often be spotted playing soccer with her brother, Patrick, or walking her dog, Kimo. She has lived in Woodbridge her entire life and, despite having some community, she has always felt the town could have more. She started this initiative to help bring Woodbridge, as a community, closer together.



Vice President

Allie Kravetz is a sophomore at Amity High School. She plays soccer and track and loves animals. She thinks that getting involved in a community is special because it is important to be a part of something bigger than yourself, and leave everything better than when you found it. Allie personally got involved because she thinks that this will be a great experience and a way to really become a part of her community.




Katie O’Connor is an 11th grader at Amity High School. In her free time, she enjoys baking and socializing with friends. She loves traveling and being active too. Kaite is currently a swimmer for the team Bulldog Swimming. Katie believes that Covid-19 has not only impacted this community, but the world as a whole, and she loves being able to help her community through these crazy times. Katie feels that having a sense of community gives town members a feeling of belonging and unites the town as a whole. So much can get done when people come together, rather than pursing things alone.

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Camila Mowerman is a junior at Amity Regional High School. She is involved in the girls' Cross Country team and girls' Ski Team, as well as, JSA and the Republican Club. In her free time, she enjoys baking and spending time with her dog, Blue. Camila will often be spotted hanging out with her younger brother Daniel. She joined Woodbridge Together because she enjoys getting closer to her community and meeting new people from her town.



Team Leader

Ava Gross is a junior at Amity Regional High School. She is a part of the student government and Umttr club. Outside of school, she manages the social media for her BBYO chapter and enjoys playing golf. Ava loves to hang out with her younger brother, Eli, her cat, Shadow, and her dog, Rosie. She joined Woodbridge Together because she loves the goal of this community initiative and immediately wanted to help.



Team Leader

Emma Schaffer is an 11th grader at Amity High School. She plays field hockey and tennis, is part of Link Crew, and is the current treasurer of the junior class Student Government. You will often find her with her dog Callie, or at Woodbridge Rec and the Pool Club in the summer. She joined Woodbridge Together because she loves the idea of bringing everyone together while forming closer bonds with her community .



Team Leader

Andrew Gilbride is a current Junior at Amity Regional High School. He is a part of his schools' Student Government, JSA club, and chess club. Andrew enjoys hanging out with his friends and watching movies with his family. You will often find Andrew and his two older brothers, Austin and Alex, playing video games. Andrew has lived in Woodbridge his entire life, but never felt a strong sense of community, which is why he joined Woodbridge Together.



Team Leader

Samantha Drane is a senior at Amity Regional High school. She plays field hockey and ice hockey for Amity and she also plays ice hockey for the Connecticut Polar Bears. Samantha is a part of Amity’s HOSA club and together club. Samantha loves spending time with her dog Brady and her cat Brody and hanging out with her friends. She joined the Woodbridge Together club because she wants to create more of a community in Woodbridge. Samantha has lived in Woodbridge all of her life and hopes to help make a change in the town she calls home.

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Team Leader

Gianna Giangrande is a junior at Amity High. She is involved with the girls’ Golf team as well as the Relay for Life Club. In her free time she is seen spending time with her two dogs and two bunnies. She joined Woodbridge together because she likes to give back to the community. She thinks that the woodbridge together club could help her become better in becoming a part of her community and those in it.



Team Leader

Audrey Cummings is a junior at Amity high school. She values a sense of community and believes that the town of Woodbridge could be improved on in this area, which is why she joined Woodbridge Together. Her interests include running, as she is on the cross country and track team, as well as music, and art. Audrey also participates in the Relay for Life and Amity Together clubs.